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FREE Bee Baby Shower Invitations for A Mommy to Bee

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Are you bored with the mainstream baby shower theme? If you are waiting for the birth of a little angel, then a celebration party will be worth conducting. The choice of the theme must be well thought out, so that your invited guests are interested in attending, and will not forget those happy moments.

One theme that is rarely used but unique and interesting is the “bee” theme. What makes this theme unique? In bee baby shower invitations, you will find the funny words “Mommy-to-be” instead of “mommy to be”. Pictures of two bees, the “mother bee, and baby bee”, at the top also made this invitation look cute and very sweet.

Bee baby shower invitations are suitable for all types of gender, either baby boy or baby girl. So, if you decide to keep your baby’s sex secret and save it as a surprise on his/her day of birth, then this theme will be very suitable to choose.






With the dominance of yellow, black and white, this invitation looks simple but eye-catching. The unique design will surely make anyone who sees it smile. Even invited guests will love it! The size of the invitation template is 1500 x 2100 pixels, which will make it look good when printed. You can print it using ivory paper which is a combination of art paper, art carton, and matt paper. This paper will look really good if it is combined with a unique design.

By downloading invitation templates from our website, you don’t need to spend money to buy them. Most websites that provide good templates require you to pay if you want to download it. While websites that provide templates for free usually only offer less attractive designs.

On our website, not only can you get templates for free, but the design you get is very interesting and innovative, with the selection of unique and creative words like what you can find in bee baby shower invitations. Everything can be downloaded easily by anyone, including you. Simply by selecting the download menu, and choosing to download it in pdf or JPG format.

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