FREE Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

T-rex is coming. He wants to rock your party.

Your son likes to see dinosaur? Use these dinosaur birthday invitations below. There are several designs you can get freely. Besides, it is also printable that means you are possible to customize as you need.

Not all people think that dinosaur theme is interesting. However, this extinct creature has filled our life. History note that thousand or million years ago they were alive. Some of them did evolution to be other animal nowadays, like a crocodile.

This template comes in bright color background and dinosaur image is in up and below the invitation. We provide a blank space in the center to be filled up with the party details such as the date and location. Ask the guest to wear a dress code from you. It makes the party more cheerful.

To download these dinosaur birthday invitations, you can click on the image and choose Save Image As menu. Then you need to customize it. Actually it can be done by using marker. But if you are able to operate CorelDraw or Photoshop, your work would be more effective.

To print this template, we recommend you to use a cardstock paper. This kind of paper brings an authentic image as you see the file.

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