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FREE Flamingo Baby Shower Invitation: Useful Template to Print Directly

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Hi happy parents! Is your baby that has just born a girl? If so, you can use the Flamingo baby shower invitation to send to your relatives or friends. This invitation is suitable since it is dominantly covered with pink color. Mostly, a girl likes this color. So, just provide the cute invitation with the Flamingo baby shower invitation template.

This invitation template is available in an image. So, you can just download, print and use it. It is so simple, isn’t it? When you want to print, make sure it is in good order. You can customize the order or size of this invitation in some applications of your computer. They are such as Microsoft word, paint, Corel draw, Photoshop or others. To get an appropriate look, Just make it stay in a landscape order. With this order, the look of the Flamingo baby shower invitation will be more attractive. Then, don’t forget to set the standardized size of the invitation. The recommended size is 5×7 inches.






After you set the order and size of the invitation in a certain app of your computer, you can put some inviting wording. You can use good wording to make the guests interested in reading tour invitation. You can use common wordings like “please join our baby shower, you are honorably invited to our baby shower”. Or you can use other good wordings as you desire. When you have out wordings, it means that your invitation is ready to print. So, you can print it directly. Just prepare the printer, turn it on, and connect it to your computer. When they are connected, Just click on the “print” icon on your computer. After that, the printed invitation of a flamingo baby shower is ready to use.

If you want to get good printing, you need to choose the right paper. For such an invitation, you are recommended to use a cardstock paper. This kind of paper has a proper thickness for an invitation. Besides, it has a smooth and high-quality surface. Thus, the picture of the invitation will be sharp and glossy.

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