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FREE Hogwarts Birthday Invitation Templates

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Have you gone to school? What is the name of your school? I bet you want to go to the Hogwarts School someday; we bring you the memory of Hogwarts by sending you Free Hogwarts Birthday Invitations. As it names, it can be used for your birthday events. Thus, hurry up to download it quickly and make your birthday dream comes true!

Simply download the Free Hogwarts Birthday Invitations by clicking on the right and select save. Using this way, your invitation will be saved automatically to your computer.

After downloading the invitations, you can customize the size from the original (5 x 7” inches) to the smaller or wider. The pictures will not be cracked since our collections are in the good condition. Then, you need to print it. Just use any paper as you want. Yet, we recommend you to use the thick and glossy paper such as linen or jasmine. The glossy effect will make your invitation looks so fancy.






Not only customize the size but you can also add the opening words such as “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry invite you to come to take the soul of (name) for his/her birthday party”, or “Dear Miss (receiver’s name), we are pleased that you have been accepted to special birthday party of (name)” or ect.

Invite all your friends, especially for those who have the big love for you and the Hogwarts! Not only your friends actually but you can also send it to your teacher. Grab the Free Hogwarts Birthday Invitations and feel the hype!

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