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FREE Hot Air Balloon Up Up and Away Invitation Templates

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“Up, Up & Away!!” We have an air balloon here. The design is simple with pastel color, dominated in green, and white background. It’s suitable for you who is calm person. It looks peaceful and calm.

Do you want it? It’s very easy to get the design. You don’t need to pay it. Really? Yea… It’s free and printable. We’ll let you know how to get it. Do these steps below!

Free Printable Mint Hot Air Balloon Invitation


You can take this template free. It is also easily printable. Here are the steps to get the image:

  1. Click the image you like. Right click on it and select Save Image As.
  2. Save the image into your folder in PC.
  3. Open a worksheet of Photoshop Editor or MS. Word. Copy the image and paste it in the worksheet.
  4. Edit the size if it’s needed. The standard size is 7 x 5 inches.
  5. Write the detail information of the party.
  6. Prepare your printer and papers, and print the design many times you want.

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Wordings in your invitation will be paid attention by your guests. Make the wordings clear with the detail information of the party, containing of the day and date, time, and where the party will be held.


We give you an example to make wordings in your invitation.

Megan Jones

Celebrating the upcoming arrival of

Madison Paige

Saturday, November 2, 2019

1.00 pm


Well, if you like the design, please tell your friends to visit our website. Please come again and again!


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