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FREE Ice Skating Invitation Templates

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Years go by quickly. Everyone becomes a teenager. Hello everyone, we hope you come to attend the Jennie’s birthday events. Jennie will be converting 13 this month. She can’t expect to welcome you on her next birthday. She likes to do exercise, particularly the ice skating. She arranges birthday to have the celebration that everyone never realized before. Yes, she’s planning to honor her birthday with ice skating.

We also hired a designer to make some ice skating invitations for her. Below are some unique invitations which can be used for the birthday celebration.

You can take many invitations here to be used for the birthday celebration with your buddies. With our free ice skating Birthday Invitations, you can organize a birthday party in such a classy way.






Bring your bag with you, run the water, and remember to take your pastry to the birthday. Don’t forget to give your acquaintances, colleagues and relatives the ice skating invitations. The size is 5×7” inches. However, you can remake it as you like. Make it lower or wider as you like.  You can write it yourself or request the employees to write these sentence for the opening phrases:

“Skate on over to celebrate (name) 10th birthday”

“Lace up your skates and join us for a ice skating party as we celebrate (name)’s 7th birthday”

Tell them what kind of papers they have to use.

Add more phrases like your name, the addresses, the location and the number of your buddies. Do not forget to type it down since you need to understand it from your recipient. Don’t forget to record the incident in the absence of data.

What do you expect? What do you wait for? Take the collections hapily and gladly!

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