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FREE Japanese Picnic Style Invitation Templates

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A lot of people in this world surely like to do the picnic, including Japanese. They like to bring the local menus which are very healthy and affordable. Happy for you! We have several local menus pictures that stick to our collection named Free Japanese Picnic Birthday Invitations.

Send this invitation to your friends, college, and mates. Open it with some sentences such as “Let’s do the picnic while joining (name)’s birthday party!” or “If you are getting tired day by day, you need to do the picnic! Do it with (name)’s since he/she turns out to 8th!”.

You can, actually, make the words as creative as possible on the 5 x 7” inches. Do not forget to remake it into the littler or bigger as you need. Since the center spot is blank, you can still add your picture as the one who is going to celebrate the special day. Using Photoshop, you need to make the layout be as beautiful as possible.






How to grab it? Simply move your cursor to the picture. Then, click on the right. Select save to store it to your personal computer memory. After it, you can print the invitation by customizing it first.

Any paper can be used but for the recommendation, since it has the Japanese theme, you can use Recycled paper to pull out the Japanese vibes for these events. Using the recycled paper will be so ethical and eco-friendly. Moreover, the paper can be found anywhere, created or bought.

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