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FREE Japanese Picnic Themed Birthday Invitation Templates

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Many people want to have a good birthday invitations but have not a good taste in design. Sometimes, they also don’t know how to operate an image processor. Hence, we provide you with some collections for your birthday events!

You can now begin printing Free Japanese birthday invitations after you have finished designing this stuff! You can do designing very easily, right? Yet, if you cannot, you can still use our collections. Well, it is a good idea to use Free Japanese Birthday Invitations when your children enjoy the beauty of Japan.

Free Japanese birthday invitations can not only be used for anniversaries but can also be used for meetings and competitions. You, therefore, have to add several phrases such as sender name, requested title, deadline and location.

For the size, print it at 5x 7” inches on the portrayed mode. It can be printed fast and easily resized as you wish.








Before printing, please ensure that the color ink is available because you need to receive the highest performance invitations. Check on the invitations, the wordings which are written down. The words must be on average of:

“Dear…. You are invitations to my party! (date) (time) (location) I hope you can come!”

“Let’s going to the Japanese with (name) on her birthday party!”

For this edition, any type of paper may be used. But you need linen or art paper to achieve the highest outcome. Both of these can produce the finest color. Use any editing software if you have to write or add some PNG’s ornaments. Furthermore, it is suggested to use Calibri as your font, as it completely fits the model. The reused cardstock can also be used to print this edition. It’s less expensive than you buy it again on the store.

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