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FREE Printable LEGO Birthday Invitation Templates

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Hello Guys, come to the Birthday Party of our friends which has the concepts of Lego! Lego is the subject of the birthday. There is a lot of Lego decoration that helps you feel like staying in a globe of Lego. You can build a Lego personality. The event will be so enjoyable with some adorable cupcakes.

The concepts would be so perfect when you use Free Lego Birthday Invitations. Send the invitations to the friends or family. Persuade them to enjoy with Lego words.






The 5 x 7” Inches would be so perfect for you. Just add on the blank space with some words such as:

“Let’s play with Lego! Let’s make the perfect events on (name) birthday party!”

Some steps can be followed to download the invitations:

  1. Move the cursor to the picture.
  2. Select on the right of the sheets.
  3. Click saves.
  4. Do not forget to store it to the special folder

Then, what papers can be used for production process?

  1. Linen: using linen will make your paper glossy so it looks so fancy.
  2. Jasmine: using jasmine will make the paper look matte.
  3. Cardstock: You can get this kind of paper for cheap.

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