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FREE Printable Science Party Invitation Templates

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“You are Invited to a Science Party to celebrate (insert name)’s birthday!” or “Please join us to celebrate (name)’s birthday party on (insert date)” are the wording which can be used in the sheets.

If your kid has a scientific topic or a crazy birthday celebration, he’ll enjoy our birthday invitation called Free Science Party Birthday Invitations. These nice wretched scientist invitations for birthdays are simple to adapt to your birthday parties! Celebrate our free printable Scientist birthday with your E= MC2 group.

You can add some nice writing and even attach your picture using Photoshop. Please always first press the picture to get the complete value of this 5 x 7” Inches Scientist invitation for your birthday.






How to Get this Template?

Simply click on the right of the image then select save. Move the file to the special folders containing some images from us. Whenever you need it, you just can grab the images quick.

After getting the images, do not forget to customize it. Cropping several items them add it to the invitations would be the good way of remodeling the invitations.

Since the plain invitations would make the reader bore, you can add several of your pictures while doing the scientific activity. Write down there not only the opening words but also some details such as place, time, or even the date.

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