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FREE Moana with Photo Invitation Template for Kids’ Beach Birthday Party

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The brave and straightforward girl Moana, the strong and funny Maui become the reason why kids love the Moana movie so much. Moana’s singing, the magic, the sound of the waves are so enchanting. Not to mention, Moana has fans of all ages. From kids to old ones really love the Moana movie. All of that is what makes Moana becomes one of the most popular animated movies. No wonder if many people especially kids love to use Moana as their birthday theme. If your kids want their birthday to use Moana as the theme, you can complete the birthday by getting a matching Moana with photo invitation template.

To get the templates, you can easily download the invitation template on this website. No need to go outside. In fact, you only need your laptop and internet. After you enter this website, you can start to look for Moana with photo invitation template that you want. Then, you can click on the invitation and start to download it. To edit the invitation, all you need to do is just using any kind of photo editor app. You can start with typing some words with cute fonts and then give them some colours. To make it merrier, you can add your own photo or family photo on it.

Next thing to do is, of course, printing. Do not worry about printing your own invitation. You can print the Moana with photo invitation template using the regular printer at home. Just buy some heavy cardstock then put in the cardstock one by one. To prevent any bad thing, you can stock up the printer ink first before you start printing the invitation. Very easy, right? As for the party, you can rent one of the beaches to hold your kids’ birthday party. Bonus, no need to think about decorations because the party is an outdoor space. The trees and the sand will cover it up for you, just like in Moana!

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