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Free Modern Blue Invitation Templates – Editable With Microsoft Word

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Mixing both vintage and contemporary design won’t only give a room to your personality, but also makes it feel truly lived in. Today’s article will show you, how good those combinations are, and at the end, you also got a couple of examples of Modern invitation card design, in which you can get it for free.

Anyway, here, I’ve made and put it together, 6 Unique Modern Party Invitation Card Ideas, that everyone will love, for sure. Enjoy!


What makes a party really feel like it’s a Celebrity Party? Yeah! Stunning design and its decorations will take a major part of how your party will end up. By using this template, you will set a new standard to your friends and others. This template has beautiful “core”, White Canvas Background (Texture), and all of those beautiful “Blue” stuffs. Those Blue Floral graphics are made to decorate your wording section (White Rectangle Box), so your guests could give more attention to the details of your party information.




All of these templates are editable. I’m a beginner, and I don’t even know how to use any editing app, like Photoshop. I feel you guys. That’s the reason why I’ve been working on these lately, to make our invitation card is accessible to everyone, and here. Our template is editable, not with Photoshop, but something easier than that, you can edit it as easy as possible, just with Ms. Word. You already familiar with it, right? Sure.






Here are things you need to do:

I will make it as simple & short as possible, so you won’t get bored to see this.

  • Downloading the template. Move your mouse pointer, and click the provided download button in above.
  • Once you landed on Google Drive Page, Click Download > Enter to start the process.
  • Editing. You must have Microsoft Word 2007 or the above version. To add new text, you need to bring or add another “Text Box”.
  • To add new Text Box, Go to Insert > Text Box > Simple Text Box. If just want to replace the text inside pre-existing “Box”, Click the center of the box and now write your own text.


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