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FREE Printable My Little Pony Summer Edition Invitations

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It is loud, it’s adorable, it’s hilarious, and it’s Little Pony! Put the spirit of Pony into the birthday invitation of your daughter.

Well, the My Little Pony Birthday Invitations are ready to be downloaded. Redesign it with the picture editor if you want to make the typing digitally. Since its little pony, it would be so attractive if you add the texts using the crayon or pencil. Draw the simple images such as the smile emoticon or others. Adding the glitter would be the best way to make it nicer.  Moreover.  on the 5 x 7” Inches, you can also add the ribbon to make it more attractive.

Thus, using the right paper would be nice. The cardstock would be the best choice. It is cheaper than others. You can compare among other papers which one suit yours card, but our recommendation is the cardstock.












In your invitation, don’t miss to attach your moment, deadline and place. Simple words, such as: “You are invited to a birthday of a small pony. Come where the magic is, there’s not far. On Megan’s fifth anniversary, it’s beyond the rainbow!”

Simply click on the right of the image then select save to get the invitations. Do not be worry, the invitations comes in the good quality image so the images will not be cracked. If there is any problems with the resolution, come to the Adobe master and ask him to fix it for you.

Well, what are you waiting for? Simply grab the invitation fast!

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