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FREE Nautical Theme Baby Shower Invitations Templates

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Having a baby shower party becomes pretty common these days. A baby shower is held to celebrate the expected birth of a child. Usually, the baby shower will be having a unique theme, and the unique theme will be the perfect match with the invitation cards if the invitation uses the same theme.

If you are confused about choosing which theme you want to use for your baby shower, this nautical theme baby shower invitations might be a great idea for you. Who does not love the sea, skies, and ships right? Do not worry, the design is cute enough to impress you.

Printing the nautical theme baby shower invitations on your own is a great option if you are on a tight budget and want to spend your money on the decorations. You can download the template for free, the one you have to pay is the charge on your internet access while downloading the template.






Downloading in high quality is highly suggested for getting the best result. Do not forget to edit the template using any apps of editing you have before printing it. I suggest using KR Scrappin Babies for your font. Adding the colour is also a great idea.

If the template is ready to print, make sure that you have bought the proper material of cardstock for your invitation. Cotton cardstock is nice since it gives a nice, elegant, and glossy touch. Just reminding you, the usual size of the invitation is 5”x7”.

Having these things ready? Just print it using your regular printer, no need the sophisticated one. Checking the printed nautical theme baby shower invitations one by one is a great idea if you have time to spare in order to maintain the perfection of the result. Doing these things are cheap and easy, right?

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