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Free Online Birthday Invitations

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Now you don’t need to browse many websites to get free online birthday invitations. This site provide you a hundred of birthday invitation template that you can download freely. Besides, it is also printable. You can edit the file as you needed. In this chance, we will give you the design in butterfly theme.

Butterfly and birthday has an important relationship. As we know that the butterfly process or its metamorphosis take a long time. The caterpillar has to be patient to change its body. It is also happened to us. Hope in every birthday we are the better person than before. If you don’t feel as a nice people, so just be patient as the caterpillar did.





It comes in pastel color to represent the beautify of the butterfly. Some of them have colorful wings, while others have dots there. This file has two kinds of paper setting, a portrait and panorama. You can select one of them before printing. In the center, you will find a blank space. It is your place to write down the party details.

To download these free online birthday invitations file, click on the image and choose Save Image As menu. Place the file on your folder and it is ready to be customized. While to print it, use a cardstock paper. You can find in a stationary or online shop.

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