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FREE Paris Baby Shower Invitations Templates

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Paris is well-known for its fashion besides the Eiffel tower charm. Who does not want and does not love Paris then? The Eiffel tower has been the tourist attraction for years. If you are in love with the beauty of Paris and the Eiffel tower, you can use Paris baby shower invitations template for your baby shower.

Using this template will give the sense of both elegance and luxurious. It is recommended for using this template if you are bored with the cute concept in making the invitation card. Elegance and luxurious are not a sin, right?

Printing Paris baby shower invitations by your own is a good choice if you want to spend your money more on the decoration. Doing this thing may costs you a little extra time but it is okay if you have time to spare. Downloading this template only requires an internet access and the editor apps for editing the template.






It is free! Choose the high-quality option before you download it for the best result. After downloading it, you can edit the template using any editor apps. As a start, you can use Ciao Baby as your font. You can also edit the template by putting your own concept for the invitation cards.

The last step is the printing step. You can use the cotton cardstock for your Paris baby shower invitations with the size of 5”x7”, the usual size for any invitation cards. The reason for using cotton cardstock is that the cardstock will give you a nice, glossy, and elegant touch as a result.

The printer used for printing this template is your regular printer. Do keep in mind to check the amount of your ink, the minimum weight and the thickness of the paper your printer can tolerate. You do not want to break your printer, right?

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