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FREE Polka dot Pink Minnie Mouse Invitation Template

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Taaraaa… We have a cute design of birthday invitation here! What’s that? We call it Polka dot pink Minnie Mouse. With pink background and the character of Minnie Mouse, the template looks cute, very nice, and cheerful. It also has a blank space to write the invitation. You can write the day, date, the time, and the address where the party will be held. For writing the notes, you just need a pen or marker. Use good pens or markers for good result.

If you’re asking about the price, we will surprise you. IT’S FREE! Don’t you believe it? Now, how do you get the template? It’s very easy. Check it out!

Free Printable Invitation Template

Well, it is free printable invitation template. You can find the image you like in the web and then copy it. Open a worksheet in Microsoft Word or Photoshop software and paste the image. Customize the image if it is needed. The size here is 5 x 7 inches, and maybe you need wider invitation size. Then, print it!





Good Quality Printing

For a good quality printing, check your inkjet. Does your printer have full ink tanks? Then check the paper. Further, set the printer driver with the measurement of papers needed and also how many papers do you want to print. Do print test to make sure that your design is perfect.

Well, if you are satisfied with the template, please tell your friends and colleagues to visit us. Have a great party!

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