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FREE Princess Beauty and The Beast Invitation Templates

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Did you watch a film entitled “Beauty and The Beast?” It’s a love story between Belle and a monster called Beast. Do you know the story?

We use the character of Belle for our invitation template. Belle, a pretty princess, makes the invitation design more luxurious. There are many templates figured of Belle and you are free to choose.

Further information about it, we design it in 5 x 7 inches size, with dark blue background and Belle figure. We provide you a blank space to write your invitation. How can you get the template?

It’s Free Printable Template

All these designs are FREE, you are free for copying or downloading and free for selecting the images you want. Now, we tell you about making a birthday invitation card for yourself. You can select an image or images here, then copy it/them. Open a worksheet in an editing software in your PC, Microsoft Word, for example, then paste it/them. As we told you, the size of the image is 5 x 7 inches, so if you want a wider size you can modify it. Do you see a blank space there? You can write your invitation there. We give you examples wording for invitation: “Come to Princess Birthday Party,” “Princes and Princess Birthday Party for all”.






Easy Printing

 When your design is all set, prepare your paper and printer. Check also  the inkjet because the supply of ink will effect the printing outcome. You are ready for printing.

If you’re satisfied with the experience, please tell anybody about us. We’re pleasure to give you more luxurious templates.

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