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FREE Printable 70th Birthday Invitation Templates

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An 70th old lady waiting for her family and friends to come to her birthday party. She was alone for a long time. Do not you want to help her meet the friends?  Well, you can help her conducting a big and warm birthday party by using 70th Birthday Invitation.

Since her age is 70th, you can invite all her family and close friends which are separated from her for a long time. Several grandchildren can also be an option.

The resolution of the invitation comes in 731 x 1024. Therefore, you can get the invitation pages in the good quality. Since the size is big, your sheets will still be nice even after you printing it.






How to print? Just click on the right and select save to download all the sheets. Drop it to your folder and you are going to get the good quality invitation sheets.

The example of wording you can use in 70th Birthday such as the name of the sender, the invited person’s name and place of the birthday event. It can be a good choice to put the map so for those who are invited will be easily find the place.

Since birthday party is a casual event, you can choose any type of the paper used for this invitation. Just make sure not to make the invitation too formal.

For this reason, you can add several wordings for making it not too formal: Happy Birthday, My dearest, My lovely, and etc. Just keep it simple and casual as possible.

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