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FREE Printable 80th Birthday Invitation Templates

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We already have the collections for 40th and 70th Birthday invitation. Guess what? We also has the collections for 80th Birthday Invitation.

The collections, on this edition, can be used for inviting the old man or woman’s friends. They deserve to have a good birthday party. They can enjoy the time laughing and sharing the stories. The Free 80th Birthday Invitations can be used for inviting their friends or family.

This invitations comes in 731 x 1024 for the resolution. Thus, you will not be worried whether the images are in the good condition or not since we have provided it in the good condition.

Actually, you can resize the images whatever size you want. You can  make it wider or smaller. Well, the original size still the best, for sure.






The invitation can be customized with several editing tools you can find in your personal computer. The example of the photo editors are Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and others.

Do not forget that wording is very important for an invitation. You need to add the name of the sender, in this case, is you. Then, you also need to put the name of invited people. Do not forget to add the maps and the contacts.

You can choose any paper for this kind of  invitation. Well, the recommended paper you can use is Ivory. The paper can absorb the ink best and can match with any color. Thus, you can  place several addition design for the invitation.

Well, can’t wait to see you drop the invitation!

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