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(FREE Printable) – Adorable Fluffy Clouds Baby Shower Invitation Templates

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Once a year, birthday parties were comes up with their iconic concept and warm wishes, much likely taking a road trip: There is a lot of up and down when hosting and getting a perfect party for your little sweetheart. Picking the right theme for the decoration and invitation, as well as arranging the party games really makes the whole activities seems like part of your celebration itself. As might have heard, even the simplest party still requires lots of planning, and drafting your invitation is no-joke! The sooner you start designing the invitation, the earlier the excitement begins and the fewer details you’ll have to work out on the day itself.

Remember, everything won’t cost free, much likely medical expenses. To make sure that it doesn’t need to be expensive production, most of us tend to browse and use invitation templates and handle it at home using their own printer device. Maybe you can consider to use these adorable Fluffy Clouds design, not only comes with stunning marble textured background, this invites will be decorated with hand-drawn  fluffy white clouds and sprinkled with adorable stars on each sides to express your loves and hopes of a sweet life for your baby’s future. For sure, it’s fascinating for your guests and reassure them to pay a visit to your blissful shower party.







Our template collection is a fun way to celebrate the new parent and the newborn baby! There are six of them, choose which one is your favorite. We made our template in accessible format, so you can do customization and add some personal touch on it. You can take a note in these following wording ideas:

Who Run The World?


Calling Out All My Ladies To Come and Celebrate

Our Little Queen


Saturday | January 20th, 2029 | From __ pm Till __ pm


RSVP & Dress-code (If any)

To get all of them, you only need to click on top of which template do you preferred, then the browser will instantly pop a new page up, then right click the template and choose “save image as” & tap “enter” on your keyboard, and whoops your template will be downloaded right away. As an additional information, the standard print sizes of the invitation card is 5×7 inches, and for the paper material you can print your invitation card using card-stock paper as it’s commonly used for this type of occasion.

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