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FREE Printable Aladdin and Jasmine Invitation Template

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Using Aladdin and Jasmine Invitation Template for your children’s Birthday

‘A Wonderful World’ is a very iconic catchphrase to a famous cartoon named Aladdin. On the cartoon, the famous characters on the animation are the couple Aladdin and Jasmine. From these famous characters, you can create an Aladdin and Jasmine invitation template for the birthday event of your children. Because the design includes both Aladdin and Jasmine, the design is perfect for both boys and girls. As for the general theme, the animation is very related to Middle-East. So you can expect to have a Middle-East decoration and prop to fit the invitation card.

After you decide the theme of the birthday party, then you can start to create the Aladdin and Jasmine invitation template. You can start making your own invitation card by browsing interesting pictures about the two characters online. Once you find the right picture, then you can choose which file format that suite with your likings, either PDF or JPG. Both file format can be printed but the PDF allows you to edit the file first so you can add place and time of events while the JPG format can’t so you should write every detail manually with your pen or marker.


The important element in your Aladdin and Jasmine invitation template is the material of the card. Glossy and photo paper are the most common material for an invitation. Fit the size of your design with the size of your paper so the result of the print won’t be flawed. Print the invitation to a color printer. If you don’t have any or too lazy to do everything by yourself, you can try to take a birthday event package on an event organizer that usually include things such as decorations, tables, cakes, and also the invitation card. As for the theme, you can give the detail to the organizer so the look of the event will suit into your preference.

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