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FREE Printable Baby Girl 1st Birthday Invitation Templates

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The first birthday is always be special for parents. It is like the beginning of journey in bringing up a baby to life. Hence, they want to celebrate it with the loved ones and make it as perfect as they can. This pretension can be reflected into the invitation wording which we provide some here for you. Hopefully, at least one of them can bring an inpiration for your first baby celebration. It’s her 1st birthday. It’s an important occasion, make it special by celebrating your girl’s 1st birthday. Invite your friends to celebrate it together, generate their excitement by give them beautiful invitation.

It can be personal or formal, make sure that it’s fit with your party theme and accent color. Most parents choose invitation that match the theme of the party, so make sure you’ve decided your party theme and color. It is wonderful to know our kids growing up. Day to day, we are happy to see her doing something. Don’t let it go when she is turning one. Give her a special birthday party. With us, your event will be amazing.








And you can visit in our website in Drevio Canvas. Drevio canvas is website that makes it easy for users to customize their own invitation online, and specially this theme is Free Download. Bunch of wording example you can create. Here we have an example of wording for kids.
The party will be held in:

Date: Sunday, 11 January 2019

Time: 09.00 AM

Address : 123 Birthday Lane, Wild City

RSVP : 2154 3654 1477

How to Download this Template?

Click on “Save the image as”. After that, you can start editing the invitation using Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop. Add some text about your party. You can try the simplest way, download, print and write down your invitation manually.

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