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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party Template

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Beauty and the Beast birthday party kits are more suitable for kids and female teenagers The newest version movie releases on March 17, 2017, with Emma Watson as the Belle (beauty). Then, Dan Steven is the Beast and Luke Evans as Gaston (An antagonist man who loves Belle). Anyway, the Beauty and the Beast themed birthday party kits are free printable. Who are the characters of the movie that you see here? Are they the stars or animated characters? Her, the characters present on the water bottle label, hat, cupcake topper, and the invitation.

Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party Kits Free Download Quickly

All versions that you had ever seen has the same story or outline. The last version above also takes from the first show from Disney in 1991 with the same title. The movie is about true love from the girl (Belle) to the Beast (Dan Steven). Her love and affection change his bad character and destroy the magic that you have on his body. So, the Beast changes into handsome and he is a prince. Wow, a good story and touchable. How does the downloading templates of Beauty and the Beast? It is easy and Drevio has the best way to do quickly in minutes for all templates.

Customize is the next duty to do!

This link https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ is your magical tool that free to use. Utilize to write detailed guests and the events in the invitation such as Belle that change the Beast. Then, print in heavy card stock paper or directly share via social media. After that, take your hat template and change it into a cone shape magically. Conduct by folding and giving tape or glue, then cover with another side. Install a hat strap from the ribbon, string, and other safe ropes.







Okay, that is touchable information on the Beauty and the Beast birthday party kits. Feel free to apply and become as beautiful as Belle. Good luck!

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