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Free Printable Birthday Invitations

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Let it go…

Let it go…

Turn hold back anymore

A couple weeks ago, most girls liked to sing that song. Every girl in the world dreams to be Elsa, the main character in Frozen movie. Browse the birthday invitations here that is specially designed in Frozen theme. It comes in mostly light blue color and snow sparkling there. You can find Elsa wearing beautiful blue dress. Her yellow hair is so much pretty and of course she smiles at you.

This file has two kinds of paper setting, there are portrait and panorama. You can select based on your need. We have several designs you can choose as you want. The image quality is really great. It has HD quality image, so that you don’t need to feel worried getting blurred printing result.

Now, the way to get the birthday invitations

Even you are not an expert in using computer, it is very easy to download the file. What you have to do is click on the image and choose Save Image As menu. Before printing it out. Edit the file by adding party details such as the date, time and location. It is possible for you to add RSVP number. This part has an important role to prepare the party well.

The best paper to print

A cardstock paper brings your invitation card looks glamorous. It is the best quality paper to print a birthday invitation card. This kind of paper gives you an authentic image. Find out the paper in the nearest stationary. Or you may buy online.

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