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Free Printable Birthday Party Invitation Wording Example

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Are you confused finding a birthday invitation wording? You are right coming here. We have several free printable birthday party invitation template and wording. Therefore, you cannot just copy or adapt the wording, but you can also get the invitation card. We prepare this wording for kids, especially girls.

The main character in this invitation card is a mermaid. But you won’t find Ariel Princess here. We use another mermaid. They are in pink dress and has brown yellow long hair. The background is in blue to represent the sea. We also give the image of sea creatures to make the invitation better.

In the center of the invitation card, you will find a blank space to be filled up with the party details. It consists of the date, time and location. Those information is a must for the guest. You may also add the RSVP number if they cannot come.






How to download this birthday party invitation template?

To get the file, you just need to click on the image and choose Save Image As menu. Then you are free to do the customization. Use an editing software to save your time. It saves very much.

Get a cardstock paper to print this file? Why? because it gives you an authentic printing image.

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