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FREE Printable Blue and Gold Invitation Templates

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Do you want to share your happiness about your baby born? Then, why don’t you invite some people to have a thanksgiving party with you? Let you give them a blue gold oh boy thanksgiving invitation. This invitation template is simple and colorful. It is informative; it requires details such as the date, place, the baby’s name, and time. Let you choose our free printable blue gold oh boy invitation template.

Get your oh boy invitation for free here, on our web. You just need to download it by clicking or tapping the download button exists near the invitation template. Of course, you need to connect to your internet first. Once you have downloaded it, you may open your selected invitation with your app in your PC or your smart-phone. Mostly, our invitation is available in Adobe Photoshop app but you might use other apps such as Paint or Coreldraw.







With the software, you may edit our HD resolution invitation such as customizing the text, adding scenery, etc. Let you express yourself by using all features on your software. Try to make your invitation interesting and catchy because it is for your baby born’s thanksgiving and birthday event.

For your additional information, our free printable greenery invitation template comes in different two-color tones such as light orange and the dark one. As for the background, it uses white color with the additional blue color brushes. The blue gold oh boy is perfect for a baby boy. Whereas, for a baby girl, you might use ice cream invitation.

Are you done with your invitation? Then, print it with your home printer using the colorful ink and a definite paper for an invitation. You might choose a cardstock paper since it is thick enough. Go to the printing shop if you do not have a printer. Share your invitation by giving it in person or send it with your social media.

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