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(FREE Printable) – Blue Invitation Frame For Any Occasions

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Hi guys! I’m going to show you a whole new concept, a beautiful combination of our signature Floral Design, along with kind of new stuff, yup! I believe that you might have seen it before visiting us. That would be Geometric Style Text-Frame, this items/objects are very useful, not only to highlight “Our Party Information”, but also solving many problem regarding “too much empty spaces” in our cards.

Like what we usually did before, you will be presented with Six different designs, each of them has been decorated with pretty much different designs/ornaments. Let me show you how it goes. Here they are,

Which one is your favorite? Please, leave a comment in down below, so I can see which designs that represented you the most. Okay, let’s back to the main topic. As I’ve said before, this templates have 6 six different designs. For example, the one that has gorgeous background; a sort of Abstract design, which was inspired from today’s style of Rough Brush Stroke Painting. On top of them, you also got “Two-set” of magnificent Flower Painting, such as Dusty Pink Roses & Peonies, they will make your “Text-Frame” to look even better.


Free Printable Blue Frames Invitation Templates With Portrait Orientation


Free Printable Blue Frames Invitation Templates With White and Blue Background


Free Printable Blue Frames Invitation Templates With Pink Roses


Free Printable Blue Frames Invitation Templates With Rhombus Shaped Text Frame


Free Printable Blue Frames Invitation Templates With Tropical Leaves


Free Printable Blue Frames Invitation Templates With Pink Roses

What should I do to keep this one?

Chills out, peeps, you only need to download your favorite design, it’s pretty simple though, (Right-Click, Save Image As, Enter) and Whoops! Now this design template become yours, and please note that any template in our site will always be free, for personal use only. And yes, it has already come with Printable Format, for easy-to-customize and Get ready to print it on Card-Stock paper.

Don’t leave your seat yet, folks! I’ve got a plenty tips for you. So, read the entire article, right.



With small mementos in our party, everything could turn into more meaningful for sure. It’s like, giving your guests some Medal of Honor, your deepest appreciation for them, who spend their time, despite all the hectic schedule they had.

  1. Package your super-secret spice rub in small mason jars and give ‘em to your guests, as a special gift that contains your “Special Recipe”.
  2. For a holiday party, you can paint glass ornaments or stamp baked clay ornaments to personalize them.
  3. Make personalized labels for bottles of hot sauce for your next casual gathering.

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