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(FREE Printable) – Building Blocks Birthday Invitation Templates

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Are you looking for a cute theme for your upcoming party invitation? Wow. You have come to the right place. Finding the best design that suit your taste isn’t as easy as it seems right?. However, you can try to get some ideas by doing a research on your babies/kids, like which toys do they love? Do they like their building block toys? If the answer is yes, you can consider these one. The Building block themed invitation card.

This Building block template was inspired from the famous Lego’s brick and stuffs. A perfectly handmade template design, comes with cool background layer of various colors and shapes of toy blocks, from cube shape of Lego’s brick style to cool design of lifting crane, construction worker, and even the classic Big Ben Watchtower to give your guests an idea about how your party will be nailed down. Besides that, you are going to get this ones in six different styles, choose your favorite design and get them for free!


Don’t forget to put your detailed information inside the designated text-box, like where the party is going to be held. Make sure to use readable font types and sizes. You can customize your templates to match your own preference. Here is a few things that you can apply it in your invitation card,

Come Join Us

To Build and Have Some Fun

At (Location)

Date | Time


Your name & Baby’s Name





Additional Tips

Do you want some tips? Regarding which printing material you are going to use. You can take a look at this following guidance. Here they are,

  1. Most people or party planner uses card-stock paper for their party invitation
  2. Definitely not the cheapest option, this is a thicker style of paper and costs a bit more than standard card material at $22 for 100 sheets, it depends on what textures and colors you will go for.
  3. For relatively cheaper option, you can pick Linen paper, this paper is an affordable option for couples who don’t want to sacrifice quality for cost. It’s typically priced at $17 for 100 sheets.
  4. FYI, the universal standard of invitation card sizes is 5×7 inches (Landscape) and 7×5 inches (Portrait).

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