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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Camping Birthday Party Kits Template

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Camping birthday party kits from Drevio has two meanings that you can use it together. Firstly, it refers to four templates of the water bottle label, invitation, hat, and the cupcake topper. Secondly, the templates are suitable for outdoor party ideas both in the garden or other outside areas. Nonetheless, the camping themed birthday party kits are also suitable for indoor party celebration. By the way, there is hotter news than the usage and the templates. All templates of camping themed free printable in the high-quality. Cool!

Camping Birthday Party Kits: How do you imagine it?

How do you imagine your kid’s birthday party with this exciting theme? Of course, none will say that it is a bad idea but in the opposite. Camping itself is the outdoor activity that takes place at least one night. It involves tents, campfire, and so on. Scouts and the family-like do it to get a new nuance and the lesson from the environment. The most important thing is this activity contains a positive effect on the people.

Customize to perfect the Invitation

Drevio can handle the downloading process of all templates in minutes. Now, you must think to save them and customize the invitation. Luckily, this page has it (click here:  https://canvas.drevio.com/start/) to write all information in the blank space of the invitation. Then, print and copy along with other templates but use different paper from the label and topper. Drevio recommends using heavy card stock paper for the invitation and the hat. After that, create a cone hat for the birthday party such as here:

  • Use the dotted line to unite with another by giving a tape or glue.
  • The hat is less convenient to wear before getting the hat strap from the string or ribbon.







Of course, the hat will look like a tent with a pointed peak. Okay, that is detailed information on camping birthday party kits. Where do you want to hold the party, outdoor or indoor?

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