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(FREE Printable) – Cute Camping Party Invitation Templates

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Hi moms! In these special day, we got something for you and here we go – These adorable Camping themed invitation is ready to be picked by you moms! At your special baby shower party. To celebrate their “tiny feet”, many parent will host a delightful party and invite their loved ones to come and have a good time with them. You can try to match this concept on to your decoration and sure your baby or kids will be falling in love with these Camping concept.

This is a stunning template to show how your party will be nailed down, and get ready to see their reaction when they receive and read your adorable invitations. Our Camping party template comes in six different styles, so you can either choose your favorite one or sure you can get all of them, and it’s free though. Besides that, this invitation comes with beautiful wallpaper that portrays beautiful silhouette of Mountain and Forest scenery along with Camping stuffs, such as adorable Ten and Bonfire. To make it even perfect, as I mentioned in above, there are six different styles of background, from beautiful scenery, fancy stripes – to vintage background.


Hey diddle diddle. The cat and the fiddle.
      Come have a laugh and little giggle
             Because now our little boy no longer little! (e.g)



How To Download

Can’t wait to keep this template as yours? And use them at your special party? Relax! You only need an extra effort to download these adorable template. Take a look at this following instructions:

  1. Choose your favorite template
  2. Click on each one of your selected template
  3. A pop-up page will appear so you will need to wait for a second
  4. Right click those image or template
  5. Then choose “Save Image As” and Tap your “Enter” key to download it
  6. Now your template will be automatically saved


You may have a question about “How to edit the template” Right? If so, we suggest you to use a simple application, like your default windows app (Microsoft Word and Paint). Besides that, we recommend you to pick card-stock paper as your printing material, because it’s commonly used for this type of occasion and has good durability.


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