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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Cleo& Cuquin Birthday Party Kits Template

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Nowadays, a lot of animated movies and television series come better with moral values. One of them is Cleo & Cuquin. They are Telerin family coming from Latin America for pre-school education. Cleo & Cuquin’s birthday party kits can clarify the educated-content more real. You can show it better in the form of the invitation, water bottle label, hat, and the cupcake topper templates. Get Celo & Cuquin themed birthday party kits free printable here! Get in quick time by keeping get the best template quality.

Cleo and Cuquin Birthday Party Kits: It is time to have it!

Well, it is time for your kids to feel how to celebrate a birthday party in different nuances. Let Cleo and Cuquin appear for completing the nuance of girls and boys party without hassle. Yeah, Drevio will help the readers who want to have the templates. Quite do everything that Drevio commands! Of course, you will not suppose that it is so fast.

After Downloading, what will you do?

There are some matters to finish after downloading. Exactly, you will pass these steps:

  1. Save the template!
  2. Special for the invitation template, click here https://canvas.drevio.com/start/

after storing. Include all about the events in details on the blank space.

  1. Send it by social media or print it in the ticker paper of heavy card stock paper.
  2. Move on the hat template that must print in the same paper as the invitation.
  3. Copy and form the cone shape for the hat template. Do it easily by folding the dotted line and attach it with glue or tape as you want. Make it convenient to wear by adding a string or ribbon’s strap.







Cleo & Cuquin is the pre-school animated TV series in the background of Spain-Mexican. The first launched was in Spain on January 7, 2018, of almost two years ago. So, watch how the girl and her brother amuse your kids. Thank you for reading Cleo& Cuquin’s birthday party kits and good luck!

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