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(FREE Printable) – Coco Birthday Invitation Template

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Themed parties are popping up everywhere these days, especially the rising superstar; Coco, from the big collaboration of Disney and Pixar animation. This one is also of the most popular party theme lately. So, if you’re thinking about throwing your own, and looking for some inspiration regarding to one of popular party theme, then go for the Mexican Fiesta theme with Coco as the main spotlight of the party. We’ve gathered and designed a bunch of options for color and images to decorate your party invitation card.

I created this design with the help of friend of mine, she gave me an idea how “Coco”-themed invitation card should look like. Luckily, her little guy turned 8 last month and she chose to throw Coco themed party, so she can help me a lot. Well, after a couple of hours this template finally finished, and as you can see this – this design offers a beautiful design with tons of colorful decoration. For example, stunning scene of Day and Night in Coco movie, and I decided to use it to decorate the main layer/background.


Free Printable Coco Birthday Invitation Template With Landscape Design


In addition, I also puts cute drawing of Coco as well as Hector and their signature Guitar to liven up the entire card and inform your guests that your party is going to be awesome, unlike the crowd. Are you ready to rock this one? Well, you still need a few things to be done, yup! At the end of this article, I’ve wrote a few things that you can include them at your upcoming party.

So stay tuned and read the whole article, right. 


Free Printable Coco Birthday Invitation Template With Night and Day scene from Coco Movies



Free Printable Coco Birthday Invitation Template With Portrait Design and White Text Box


Free Printable Coco Birthday Invitation Template With Coco and Hector


Free Printable Coco Birthday Invitation Template With Coco Playing Guitar

How To Download

    1. Choose your favorite
    2. Right Click your selected templates – Wait for a second
    3. Then Right click once again – Choose “Save Image As”
    4. Locate your default download folder and tap “Enter”


Free Printable Coco Birthday Invitation Template With

Here is a few thing that you could do at your in-house party,

  1. Foods (Prepare clear glass vases or cups and add this following snacks)
    • Coco Guitar Cupcakes
    • Coco Crispy Treats
    • Sugar Skull Earrings
    • Coco Cocoa
    • Coco Empanadas
    • Etc.
  2. Drinks
    • Ocean blue punch (Lemonade and Blue Soda).
    • Infused Water (Tumblr Bottle + some fruits).
  3. Decoration
    • Don’t miss the famous Sombrero Hats!
    • Fiesta Flower Fluffies, a Del Sol Flag Banner and some Fiesta Paper Fans
    • DIY paper lantern.
    • Balloons and streamers.
    • Use shades of green, red and yellow streamers and tape them to your walls (Photo-booth).

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