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(FREE Printable) – Coco Pixar Birhtday Invitation Templates

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For those who are having or expecting birth will find that a shower party provides them the reassurance that their little one is going to have many support whom will love and support them through joy and sorrow. Another essential key of baby shower is “showering” your little sweetheart with tons of precious gifts and warm wishes which is very useful for the baby future. While your little baby is now on his/her way to you, how about making a surprise present for him using this unique design yet elegant theme in his baby shower invitation card. A perfectly handmade of template design which is inspired from Coco, a 3d animated-film that was produced by Pixar.


Our templates comes in the most compatible and printable format, so you can use a simple app like Ms. Word and Paint to do a little customization on it to match them with your own style. This Coco Pixar was designed in a landscape orientation (5×7 inches), and comes with the timeless black chalkboard background. The one and only Miguel Rivera, the protagonist of Coco movie as well as his great-grandfather – Héctor Rivera will be in the spotlight of these invitation card. A perfectly design of pennant banner and Mexico fiesta’s accent will complete your entire invitation card. Can you imagine how amazed your friends and families with his invitation card, sure one of them will give him crown for love and support.






Choosing your paper for the invitation card

Having to select which paper material that goes well for this occasions is kinda hard though, and because of their own character, you have to hand them by yourself – in order to match with your taste and your budget. However, as an additional information, we give you some explanation on two types of paper that is commonly used in wedding occasion. Here are a few lists of paper material:

  • Standard Paper/Text paper, this paper is perfect material for company letterheads.
  • Cardstock is the most widely known for this type of occasion, this paper doesn’t easily bent and it can be easily found in a verity of textures, decoration and finishes.

We suggest you to use cardstock paper instead of the other one, as you can find it easily at your nearby shop if you’re planning to handle it by yourself. To download our template, the first thing you need to do is right-click your mouse button on top of your selected template, then go for “save image as” and save the file on your desktop or local drives.

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