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(FREE Printable) – Cute Baby Bow Tie Birthday Invitation Templates

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For sure, you can buy some invitations and send it out to your neighbors and friends as your baby’s first birthday is coming. Rather than paying it, why won’t you create your own invitation card using our gorgeous template, and you don’t have to spend lots of money to your baby shower party. It’s not only a fun and but it’ll adds your personal touch that you can’t find and buy this from the store.

Do you have something in mind? For your information, baby shower invitations are not always need to be heavily decorative, sometime simple is better than the complex one. You can use our invitation template as your references and get it for absolutely free, how good is that? And luckily we have good template for you, this Cute Baby  Bow template design will make your jobs done in minutes. It has nice pattern of polka dot which is comes in gold, red, and black to decorate the background layer and you also get a dazzling framed text-box to write down your own wordings on it. As the main spotlight of this template, we’ve designed and placed adorable Bow Tie on the top section of the card to attract your guests attention when reading your invitation card. There are six different styles, and even those cute “Little Baby Boss”  which is you can find them in this page as additional bonus for you.




There are plenty of room for you to customize to match your own idea, you can use Paint app to help you, putting your baby’s name, and some sort of wordings such as “where the party will be held” and “the dates and times as you may have scheduled it” will make it even better.



Spending your effort together with your beloved husband is also good idea, you can work together make this Bow Tie Baby templates even more standouts. Let your creativity shine as you customize and add some knick & knacks on this beautiful invitation cards.

Are you wondering how to get these Bow Tie Baby templates? Relax, you only need an extra effort for this stunning template. Move your mouse pointer on top of your selected template, then “click your left mouse button” as they will pop a new page up, choose “save image as” and your baby shower party invitation will be placed in your device.

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