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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Disney Coco Birthday Party Kits Template

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Do you remember the movie of Disney Coco from Pixar? This horror musical movie for children is attractive to use as a kid’s birthday party. Disney Coco birthday party kits here are for the water bottle label, invitation, cupcake topper, and the hat. This theme is very useful to welcome your next birthday in Christmas month. Luckily, the Disney Coco themed birthday party kits free printable for boys and girls. So, never think that this theme is only for one of the genders. Well, let’s check them out!

Free Downloading Disney Coco Birthday Party Kits

Just to remember, Disney Coco tells about the dream of Miguel who wants to be a great musician. He likes Ernesto de la Cruz and wants to be like him. But, there was a problem where Miguel got difficulty to realize his talents. He met a confusing music ban and many else. Even, he suddenly woke in the afterlife. It turns out this movie is attractive to follow. Same as the movie, the movie is easy to download for a kid’s birthday party. Drevio offers fast downloads in seconds without working hard. Just click the image and see what will happen next!








Customize the Invitation

Besides offering free download quickly, Drevio as well as offer this link https://canvas.drevio.com/start/. You will use this free online application form:

  • Write the guest names
  • Write the date and time
  • Write the place of the event
  • Customize the invitation for the design and color (optional)

Do not forget to print your Disney Coco invitation in heavy card stock paper. By the way, the hat template also needs this paper to print and copy. Next, make the hat in a cone shape such as usual. Use the dotted line to form and secure with glue or tape. Even though, it looks incomplete without the strap of string or ribbon. Okay, that are some information on Disney Coco’s birthday party kits. Happy trying!

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