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(FREE Printable) – Dusty Blue Floral Invitation Templates

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Hi guys… How was your day? Hope you had a great day, right, and stay healthy. Okay, for today’s design, I got something special for you. A perfect way to display “Our Party” to the guests and last but not least, it has stunning design to won good first impression, even your guests just received the invitation cards. “Is it free?” Of course, we’re providing thousands upon thousands Free Design Template, from cute design for Birthday Invitation, to the romantic concept with bunch of Flowers decoration for us, to showering our friend in her Bridal Shower party.

What’s Design Template & How do I create it?

It’s a kind of file that’s created with an Overall Layout to be used in various occasions, for example “Business Documents”, or in Party Industry (E.g. Invitation cards). For those of you who haven’t had enough experiences in any editing session or sort of thing, one of the best way is by using “Free Design Template” rather than spending 8 hours to learn this new thing.

Do you want to see it, right?

Here we go (See below).


Free Printable Dusty Blue Floral Invitation Templates With Portrait Orientation Cards


This template features six different designs, it means each of them will come with six different decorations, such as its Flower decoration. You see it, right? What was that? It looks so damn beautiful, ain’t It?. Right at the center of the card, you will get a pretty large space in the shape of Hexagon, those are the place where you can write the detailed information about your party. Nothing could be easier than this tho, you just need to open the file (Our template) in Microsoft Word, and writing all the details like we usually wrote any documents before.


Free Printable Dusty Blue Floral Invitation Templates With Blue Text Frame


Free Printable Dusty Blue Floral Invitation Templates With Hexagon Shaped Text Box


Free Printable Dusty Blue Floral Invitation Templates With Blue leaf


Free Printable Dusty Blue Floral Invitation Templates With Blue Flowers


Download Information

  • Choose your favorite designs, and move your mouse pointer on top of it.
  • Right-Click each one of your selection, select “Save Image As”.
  • Then locate where the file will be saved in your device.
  • Click “Save”, or just simply hit your “Enter” key to start the download process.
  • As I have mentioned it, you can edit the file using Microsoft Word or Paints.
  • For printing material (Paper): It would be better if you find some information about it, because you need to match the paper with your need as well as your current budget. (*Recommendation: Card-stock & Cotton Paper).

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