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Free Printable Elmo Birthday Party Kits Template

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Who does not know a cute monster Muppet in the red color with a wide mouth? Yeah, the name is Elmo and he likes entertaining toddlers. Elmo birthday party kits do not a bad option to celebrate your toddler especially toddler boy. Trust it! The monster does not look scary but has a birthday on February 3. It implies this Elmo themed birthday party kits are suitable for the second month of the year. Of course, it does not true because this friendly character matches all birthday parties.

Apply Elmo Birthday Party Kits, Why not?

Let’s one step closer to know more about Elmo! The character of Elmo which has a falsetto voice comes to Kevin Clash and Ryan Dillon. It always emerges to amuse the toddle in the last 15 minutes in the children’s TV show of Sesame Street. Elmo’s world which has a red color in the fur is ready to attend in many kid boys’ birthday parties. If you attract to download, here what to do:

  • Among the templates of a cupcake topper, hat, invitation, and water bottle label, choose one of them.
  • Start to download by clicking on the picture or follow Drevio’s instruction.
  • Repeat for other Elmo themed templates in the same way.








How many times to finish one Template?

Each template just spends seconds to finish the downloading and some minutes for all templates. Then, your duty is saving and printing with the amount that you need. It implies you may copy first. However, special treatment must give for the invitation template. Before printing and copying with a heavy card stock paper, you must customize this link https://canvas.drevio.com/start/. The free online software is the tool to write detailed birthday events in the blank space.

It turns out you still use the paper type to print Elmo’s birthday hats. Then, form it in a cone by using the dotted lines and secure with taking or glue. To perfect the usage, add a hat strap from a string of ribbon. Okay, that is a little information on Elmo’s birthday party kits from Drevio. Happy trying!

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