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FREE Printable First birthday invitations for Boy

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Your baby boy’s big day is just around the corner. Cherish your prized possesion’s moment with a wonderful personalized invite. There are plenty of designs that you can find on the online stores. However, make sure you deliver the one which can despict your baby’s character. I have come across so many stores that provides terrific designs, one of them is in tinyprints.

My first favorite one is the blue screaming. As the title, it has a unique scream boy cartoon on the left. The cartoon is drew simply with a white plain background. Then, on the other side, we can see the wording with some details under it. The structuring  just feels right in my point of view. Due to its simpliciy, it seems to suit all themes you might choose.

The puzzled photos also interest me. It basically uses  most of the space to be filled with the birthday baby’s photos. There are four columns at the top in which you can place your little prince pictures. They use a white and black effect for the pictures which make it looks modern and fabulous. For the wording and details, it has a wonderful sheer teal polka dots background with less ornaments. Personally, I think it suits you who want to cherish every memory with your baby.

Another thing is the friendly whale template. Basically, the template is devided into two sides, which is a photo section on the right and the wording side on the left. The blue theme is just so adorable with a cute white whale in the bottom center.

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