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FREE Printable Flamingos Invitation Templates

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Flamingo is a type that lives in a groups. This bird is originally from the genus Phoenicopterus and family Phoenicopteridae. The characteristic of flamingos having a neck with an S shape is indeed a beautiful and elegant style. No wonder, in the United States there is a statue of this animal that is often used to decorate the backyard.

Flamingo not only comes in a statue but also in the invitation. We have made Flamingo Birthday Invitations for your needs. You must love it for sure. You can see several beautiful pictures of flamingo on this page. The Flamingo Birthday Invitations can be used for giving your kids a little sight about the image of the bird. Not only that, but you can also use the invitation as one of the material in inviting your kids’ friends on her or his birthday party.

Well, the invitation size is 5 x 7” Inches. You can make it smaller or bigger as you want before printing the invitation. It’s called a good invitation when the words can be read by the receiver. Thus, you need to make it as proportional as possible






Do not forget to add the wording such as “Let’s be Flamingo! Join the fun, as we celebrate: Rein Birthday!” or “Flamingo will be back! You get to join the Nicki birthday party”

Any kinds of paper suitable for this invitation. For the best result, we recommend the Jasmine or art paper. These two paper is the best for absorbs the ink. Why still hesitate! We have some pictures freely for you!

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