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Free Printable Floral Unicorn Invitation Template

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Many people want to be a unicorn and this is the time for you to use our free Floral Unicorn invitation template. Besides floral unicorn, we have several other themes for invitation templates that can be downloaded for free. But you must keep in mind that all of them are free for personal uses only. Floral unicorn is such a girly yet magical theme for a party. Besides for your daughter’s birthday party or a baby shower, this theme will be a cute idea for a tea party or fun gatherings. You will never go wrong with a unicorn as your theme no matter what the purpose of your party is.

As we have mentioned earlier, this template is a free template. You can use it for your birthday party invitation so you do not need to pay the graphic designer to design your invitation. But before you download the template, you may need to adjust the content with your needs. The template is totally editable, which means that you can fill in the blank boxes with the necessary information. You can even add and remove the boxes if you like to. Other than that, the floral unicorn invitation template will be a unique invitation design that you will never find on the market.












The party will be fun with the presence of a cake. Providing a cake with the unicorn’s horn is kind of fun and memorable. But before that, you need to print the invitation. The proper invitation paper is as light as 100 grams in weight and mostly, it will be 5 x 7 inches in height. Make sure you have the paper to print floral unicorn invitation template or you may want to bring the template to the printing center. The latter is better and will give you a better result after all.

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