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FREE Printable Garden Tea Party Invitation Templates

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The tradition or culture of drinking tea was first carried out by Ana Maria the Dutches of Badford. At that time, only certain people could do it, usually only the nobility carried out this tradition, this was not strange because the price of tea leaves had increased so much that ordinary people could not afford it.

You can download Free Garden Tea Party Birthday Invitations for you. The invitation can be used for the birthday party. Since it comes in the blank page, you can also use it not only for the birthday party, but also other occasion such as reunion or others. Just don’t utilize it for the wedding occasions since it comes in the easygoing structure, not formal structure.






Look at the size! It was 5 x 7” inches! For that size, you can make it bigger or smaller as you want. Hence, do not forget to own the photo editor on your personal computer since you need to customize not only the size but also the blank space on the center.

You have to ensure a few words written in it are correct, for example, the sender and receiver’s name and the date where the occasion will be held. You have to recheck it all. The best wording used for the invitation are: “Please be our guest for a tea party celebrating (name’s) 5th birthday party”, “Join us for a tea party to celebrate (name’s) 3rd Birthday” or ect.

For the best outcome, we urge you to apply the linen and jasmine paper since both have pleasant quality. Not a must, but you can consider take the choice to both of them.

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