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(FREE Printable) – Gold Geometric Frame Invitation Templates

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Do you want to give a little surprise for your best friend? Or maybe hosting a mini party for your boyfriend/girlfriend? Well, you need to arrange it carefully, by the way. For me, I think, it’s better if you decide what kind of party that you are going to nail it down. For example, if your boy/girl likes Green Foliage (Like we saw it in our Pinterest or Instagram Feeds) as a decoration or anything, then why don’t we make this one into our party concept? You should bring or include them into your list.

Fortunately, I’ve got something special for you, unlike others, this template will also give you an idea. You can use these following templates as the foundation or the basic theme of your party. Invite all your guests with this Beautiful looking invitations, guys. You will get a bunch of beautiful stuff on it, from Geometric Style Text-Frame, to the gorgeous painting of Palm Leaves.

Are you ready to host your own party and invite everyone with “one-of-a-kind” invitation card? Whoohoo. First of all, you need to download the template first (The Instruction is placed at the end of the article), then you can customize it to suit your taste and don’t forget to also include the party details. Please read the whole article, and get our free tips and tricks to nail your party. Thank you!


Free Printable Gold Geometric Frame Invitation Templates With Portrait Orientation Cards

Free Printable Gold Geometric Frame Invitation Templates With Gold Geometric Style Text Frame

Free Printable Gold Geometric Frame Invitation Templates With White Background

Free Printable Gold Geometric Frame Invitation Templates With Tropical Floral

Free Printable Gold Geometric Frame Invitation Templates With B. Party Favor Ideas

Body Oil Perfume Spray

  • Supplies
    • Mini-spray Bottles
    • Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides Fractionated Coconut Oil
    • Aloe Extract
    • Fragrance Oil
    • Droppers, Small bowl & Scale
    • Main ingredients: 3.3oz Caprylic Oil + 2ml Aloe Extract + 6ml Fragrance Oil
  • Instruction
    • Pouring the main ingredients into the bowl and mix them together by stirring it slowly. If you think it get a bit thicker and shining, then now you’re ready to put them into the Mini-spray bottles.


How To Download

  1. Right click the template – Save Image as.
  2. Locate the folder Tap “Enter” to start the download folder.
  3. To open the file: Ms. Word or Paint and use Card-stock paper as the printing material.

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