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(FREE Printable) – Greenery Gold Eucalyptus Bridal Shower Invitation Templates

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Bridal shower party is a fun way to help brides relieves her burden when she get super-busy in planning her incoming wedding party. A beautiful mini celebration party that allows the bride’s close friends and family members to spend time together before the big day. It’s also a practical opportunity for guests to “shower” the bride-to-be with lots of sweet gifts and warm wishes to help her establish a home with her future spouse.

However, when it comes to party, you should consider to figure out how your shower invitation will look like, as well as which materials that goes well with this occasion?  Many bridesmaids tends to use custom-printed invitations from local printing shop, instead of doing it by themselves. It may cost a pretty large sum of money. Why won’t you make your own invitation, and picking free templates design to help you out like these Greenery Gold Eucalyptus invitation card.


Our template comes in pristine bright colors, wood-textures background, as well as pretty eucalyptus flower with a little bit of gold accent. We also made this templates in six different styles and there is a designated place for you to put your own text. What a fancy and elegant design that will complete your entire card in such beautiful looking presentation.

FYI, printing material comes in various colors, textures, thicknesses and other options. Make sure you get enough information about them, or you can pick the most commonly used paper for this occasion, such as Linen, Kraft and Card-stock paper. As an example, those paper are pretty common for wedding party invitations.


Free Printable Greenery Gold Eucalyptus Bridal Shower Invitation Templates

If you really want to keep this template as yours and surprise the bride with these beautiful invites, you can follow this download instructions,

  1. Click on which template that you are going to use
  2. Wait a moment. Right-click your mouse button/touchpad
  3. Then Choose “Save Image As”
  4. Locate where the template file will be saved in to your device
  5. For the final step, Hit your “Enter” key really hard then-
  6. You are going to need a new keyboard (Just a joke 😀 )

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