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FREE Printable Harry Potter Invitation Templates – Manga version

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There are a lot of harry potter fans who loves the movie so much. Not only kids but also the older generation likes the movie very much. There are a lot of products were used the harry potter image as the decoration inside the pictures. One of them was Free Harry Potter Birthday Invitations.

We have Free Harry Potter Birthday invitation which can be used for free. The invitation has several images of the harry potter with different characters which you can  use for free. The design used orange, blue, and brown color with the picture of castle as the background. On the top of the invitation there written “Harry Potter”.

We let the center part to be blank so you can customize several words inside it. You can write: “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Headmaster invite you to…” , “Attention All Wizards  & Withes, your magical presence has been requested to celebrate…” and ect.  Make other wording by your creativity and let your magical invitation spreads!






The original size is 5 x 7 “size but you can make it bigger or smaller by changing the size before printing it on the machines,  Try to use the art paper only if you want to get the good result.

Designing an invitation by yourselves is  a good idea. Yet, taking Free Harry Potter Birthday Invitations is not a bad choice. Show your students how good the invitation are and try to give them the good experience on their life once

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