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Free Printable Hello Kitty Birthday Party Kits Template

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A Hello Kitty keeps popular among the children and teenagers although the serial does not emerge on the children’s TV show again. The popularity has established strongly since in 1974 with copyright 1976. Hello, Kitty birthday party kits become the most favorite choice by the girl from year to year. It is because this character looks sweet with a hair ribbon and bright colors. Do not hesitate to use Hello Kitty themed birthday party kits because many reasons are ready to support you.

Easily Downloading Hello Kitty Birthday Party Kits

The reason is Drevio provides simple steps to download all templates in a short time such as below:

  • You will need Hello Kitty theme for a birthday party hat, water bottle label, invitation, and the cupcake topper.
  • Download from one template by following Drevio’s instruction after clicking the picture or other parties to download.
  • In seconds, you can repeat for the next template and repeat it until getting all images.








Print and Copy All Templates except the Invitation

You may print and copy the cupcake topper, label, and the hat directly after saving them to your PC. Even though, customize the invitation by completing the design with your detailed birthday party invitation. Only use free online software of https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ and it looks perfect immediately.

Then, go on printing using a heavy card stock paper such as the birthday hat template. Talking on this kit, Drevio adds some additional information on how to form the hat. Such as you see, there are dotted lines on the image where it is useful to form a cone shape. This area is the place to secure with glue or tape. Unluckily, the hat is less useful without a hat strap both from ribbon and string. Okay, feel free to apply Hello Kitty birthday party kits from this page. Besides free printable, download, and customization, the appearance is so adorable. Cool!


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