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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Hot Wheels Birthday Party Kits Template

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Does your son often watch Hot Wheels animations TV show? It is a good idea for you because you can present the Hot Wheels birthday party kits for him. The car with the red and yellow fire on the car is truly cool to see by each son. Moreover, the character on the road also inspires his brave. Anyway, the Hot Wheels themed birthday party kits here free printable by downloading process first. So, what do you think by having cupcake topper, invitation, hat, and the water bottle label in the Hot Wheel theme?

Hot Wheel Birthday Party Kits: Download it along with Drevio

Drevio is ready to realize your son’s dream to have an amazing birthday party. This page wants to present those Hot Wheel templates in minutes or seconds for each item. How does it happen? Drevio has a special way to do and you quite select the image. Then, this page works alone to give effective and efficient results.

What will you do then?

After that, you still have several things to finish it until the end. The following is things to do:

  • Save all templates
  • Customize the Hot Wheel themed invitation here https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ to write in the blank space.
  • Print in heavy card stock paper or directly send by social media
  • You will need the same paper for your Hot Wheel birthday party hat.
  • Make a cone hat by taping or gluing the dotted line as well as add a strap. The best strap options are ribbon and string.








During you use the link to write any information on the invitation you will not get any bill. It implies Drevio also gives a free online application that is useful for customizing color and design. Okay, those are some information on the Hot Wheel Birthday Party Kits. Make your son’s birthday party always hot!

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