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FREE Printable Justice League Invitation Templates

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Justice league has many members they are Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Aqua man, or others. You can find the information about them on the internet. Happy for you! We have the picture of the Justice League members which stick to the Free Justice League Birthday Invitations.

The original size is 5 x 7’’ inches but you can make it up into the wider or smaller. Not only the size but you can also put your words as the opening invitation to ask your friends out. The examples are: “Calling all superheroes! Super Party! You are invited to (name)’s 5th Birthday”, “Urgently needed all superheroes! We need your help to celebrate (name)’s birthday party!” or etc. Find several suggestions on the internet by inserting “Justice League Birthday Invitation” on the search box.






Send the invitation to your friends or teacher. Ask them to be the heroes for your birthday party. Talk to them that their availability is very important for the occasion. Before, you need to grab it only by following several steps: 1. Click on the right 2. Select save 3. Choose the appropriate folder for you. The last step is to rename the invitations.

The invitation comes in jpg format. Thus, you can remake the layout using Photo Editor Software such as Corel Draw. Since the center part is on the blank condition, you can still add several pictures there only by cropping the heroes then replace it on the top. The “Justice League” title can also be cropped.

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