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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Lego Unicorn Birthday Party Kits Templates

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Unicorn is a fiction animal such as a horse in white color with a horn that emerges in many fantasy movies. It appears in some Disney animated-computer movies such as Barbie and so on. Meanwhile, the Lego Unicorn birthday party kits today is free printable and matched for girls. Indeed, this page (Drevio) deliberately chooses it in Lego themed because it looks more unique. Of course, you agree with this statement and you can watch alone here. The Lego Unicorn themed birthday party kits appear for the water bottle label, cupcake topper, invitation, and the hat.

Lego Unicorn Birthday Party Kits: What is Unicorn?

The unicorn has a Latin name of Cornus and it is just a Scotland’s national mythological creature. It implies this horse with a horn on the forehead is not real in the world. The horn of this white animal has a spiral shape and it has thick hair in the back. Apart from this history, many people have modified it in pink or adding other bright colors. This way will avoid the kids bore seeing the unicorn in many movies.

Well, feel free to Download and Customize!

Have this cute Lego unicorn template quickly only by choosing the image. Then, Drevio does it in a short time and you will save it directly. Repeat for other templates until finish and keep saving them on your PC. Next, you will print some templates such as usual but it differs from the invitation template. You must:

  • Use this tool https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ to fill the blank space of the invitation and complete the function.
  • You may print or send using your internet connection on social media.
  • When choosing to print, merely use heavy card stock paper.








Lego Unicorn birthday party kits still save one more duty. However, you must print the hat template in the same paper as the invitation. The final duty is making a cone shape using tape or glue besides that add a hat string (string or ribbon). Well, it is a piece of cake!

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