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Free Printable Lovely Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Kit Templates

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If boy matches using Mickey Mouse, the girls have Minnie Mouse birthday party kits. Luckily, all templates for the water bottle label, hat, invitation, and cupcake topper are available here. Indeed, it is the paradise of the birthday party kits and many themes had appeared before. This page has a different way to download where you quite follow the instructions simply. Does the Minnie Mouse theme birthday party kits truly your choice? Let’s see and feel easiness coming here. Let’s go to take it home!

How to Download Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Kits

The theme of Minnie Mouse is very cute and lovely so that many people still like it. Downloading the templates for the party kits is a piece of cake and fast. You only need seconds to finish each template and the copying also does not need a long time. Anyway, here are the steps for downloading the templates without thinking:

  • Imagine you start for downloading in the water bottle label template so find this image.
  • Then, focus on the red color of the download button and click for a new window.
  • Here, your duty is waiting for the process that takes place in seconds. Follow the instruction on the new windows if it does not run automatically.














Print and Copy

Well, one step finishes for downloading and then prints also copy to fulfill the amount. However, there is an exclusion of the invitation and the hat. Both templates need heavy card stock paper for printing and copying because it is thicker than other types. On the other hand, customize the blank space on the invitation template first. Write the content and edit other parts if it is necessary through this link https://canvas.drevio.com/start/. Anyway, it is free online software for editing and customizing the templates.

Now, your Minie Mouse birthday party kits are ready to send to the recipients. Send the invitation to them and share the others (hat and water bottle) at the party. Feel free to download!

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